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This is No Ordinary Plate of Pasta…

I’ve been making pasta for as long as I can remember… all you have to do is cook it for however long it says on the packet. I usually just add a pinch of salt for taste – not much taste but everyone does it so who am I to say otherwise. Recently however, I was looking at pasta recipes and discovered that you can cook pasta in chicken, vegetable or beef stock! I honestly don’t know how I was living life (particularly during my student days) without knowing that this was a thing that people did. So of course I had to give it a go!

Pasta Dish

Serves 2           Prep time: 10 mins       Cooking time: 20 mins



2 cups of dried pasta (I used mini fusilli)
1 chicken stock cube
½ can of tinned chopped tomatoes
900ml of boiled water
1 tbsp olive oil

1 tbsp butter
1 clove of garlic

1 tsp b
lack pepper
Salt ½ tsp
Paprika ½ tsp (optional)
Coriander  ½ tsp (optional)


1 handful of Kale
1 large Carrot
Handful of Cherry Tomatoes
¼ can of Sweetcorn


Boil water in a kettle. 
Pour boiled water into a measuring jug (fill to 900ml), add the stock cube and stir until dissolved.
Wash the kale, carrot and cherry tomatoes
Chop the garlic, carrot and cherry tomatoes
Drain water from tinned sweetcorn


1) In a saucepan over a medium-low heat, add 1 tbsp of olive oil and 1 tbsp of butter, then add the chopped garlic and fry.

2) After a minute, add the carrot slices, stir for another minute then add half of the kale and all the chopped cherry tomatoes. Continue stirring for a minute or two.

3) Season the veg with black pepper, paprika and coriander (½ tsp each).

4) Add 900ml of stock into the saucepan along with ½ can of chopped tomatoes, stir and bring to boil.

5) Add the sweetcorn and the rest of the kale. [During this step, if you’d like to add more seasoning, please do so].

6) Now add the pasta and ½ a tsp of salt and pepper. Cook until almost all the water has been dissolved or until the pasta is tender (make sure you stir in between).

* If you’re lucky enough, serve with cheese as a topping.*


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Breakfast is Definitely the Most Important Meal of the Day!

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I admit it, I used to skip breakfast – Being a mature and responsible adult meant that I no longer had my parents nagging me about having something to eat before I left the house and honestly getting that extra 20 minutes in bed was far more important than anything else that anyone then could tell me. I’d love to say that my new-found love for breakfasts came about a long while ago, but really, it’s only been around 4-5 months. Toward the end of last year I began going to the gym more regularly and after feeling like I was going to pass out half way through my workouts, I quickly learnt that eating only cereal bars or only two bananas or apples before a workout just wasn’t enough to sustain my body. So I did what every person does when they’re looking for a quick fix, I went on Google.

Out of all the breakfast foods I saw, the one that required the least amount of prep and was also readily available in my kitchen cupboard were porridge oats. Quaker Oats So Simple (Big Bowl) is my choice of brand, obviously because they’re so simple. When i’m in a rush, i’ll usually just whip up a bowl in the microwave for 2 1/2 minutes (with some soy or almond milk – shout-out to my lactose intolerant people out there – the struggle is real!), and then have a banana or apple on the go. If i don’t feel like porridge i’ll usually op for some granola or bran flakes and again have a piece of fruit on the go.

When I have a little more time and because I want to pack on some extra calories to keep me fuller, I like to add toppings. The options are endless but I generally go for:

fruit, breakfast

• Granola
• Peanut butter (Melted in a microwave)
• Fruit – (a sliced banana, apple or strawberries)
• Crushed nuts
• Cinnamon

You can mix and match as you like and to your taste but I find when I have a good amount of toppings I can work-out and go by my day so much better.

Speaking of my day, another reason why having a good breakfast every morning, means that I don’t spend the rest of my day snacking on junk foods – I’ve eaten half a pack of chocolate digestives, a Snickers/Cadbury/Twix bar, brownies, Oreos, Custard Creams etc. as substitutes for breakfasts I’ve missed. It’s kind of embarrassing when I think about it. And then because I’ve already got a pack of almost finished biscuits with me, guess what I do for the rest of the day? – I continue snacking on those because i’ve bought them and hey why not.

Now that I’ve mentioned, it the money I could have saved! Because of the logistics of where I live, it’s about a 20 minute walk to my tube station and by the time I get to the platform and onto the tube – probably standing, my stomach is already preparing for an epic session of obnoxious grumbling. I’m sure you’ve all been there before… having a stomach that sounds like you’ve hidden a baby dinosaur under your shirt, in a quiet office or classroom isn’t how anybody expects to start their day. And to avoid this, guess where I would be? Yep. In the nearest supermarket buying snacks that I would pass off as my ‘breakfast’.

Moral of the story, eat breakfast!

*A moments silence for all the sleep I’ve sacrificed to be a half functioning and responsible human being.*