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2017 – June Favourites!

I’ve never gotten round to doing one of these before…. You could say i’m cutting it quite close with it being the last day of the month but hey there’s still time we’re still in June. Here are a selection of some of the things that i’ve enjoyed using/doing this past month!

1. LA Muscle 700ml Shaker

I know it’s a picture of a gym bottle – a very basic one at that but it’s been a really big help to me this past month. I used to buy bottles like this, think I was going to use them all the time and then it’ll end up somewhere abandoned in the kitchen or elsewhere. However this time, in attempt to drink more water, I bought this bottle and I was ready to start drinking more water – knowing how I am, the whole 2L a day was definitely a bit of a stretch but I was keen to at least drink a litre a day which I have, so far been successful at doing. The most handiest thing about the bottle is that it’s marked with the amount of ml it holds (700ml) so I pretty much know whether i’m on or off target. One thing I  do have to mention is if you do want to embark on this water journey, you’ll mostly definitely be making trips to a toilet at least 6 or 7 times a day. Only criticism is the logo smudges after a couple of uses.


Every time I go to France I always leave having picked up a few new words and phrases, even having studied the language at university, my cousins are always armed with a slew of verlans (slang words) or general words that I haven’t learnt to confuse and make me question whether I really know and understand the French language. So I just wanted to share with you some of the phrases I managed to note down whilst I was there. If you’re learning or interested in French you might want to jot these into a memo or into your notebook 😉

  • Reuf slang word for Frère – which means Brother / Bro
    In a sentence: Mon petit reuf – My little brother
  • Ringarde meaning Cheesy / Cheesiest
    In a sentence:
    C’est un film ringarde – It’s a cheesy film
  • Astuce meaning Tip or Hack (but mostly tip)
    In a sentence: 5 astuces pour un joli blog – 5 tips for a pretty blog
  • Merdique meaning Crappy
    In a sentence: Quel temps merdique ! – What crappy weather!


3. Tea Tree Mattifying Lotion

It’s Summer and if you experienced the scorching week long Summer the UK experienced last week then i’m sure you were walking around with a slightly shinier face than normal. Regardless, if your skin like mine gets oilier the warmer the weather gets, I would highly recommend you give this a try. For a 50ml tube it is a little on the pricier side but I will say, for its size it has managed to last me over three, nearly four months so far. I generally only use it on the parts of my face that tend to get most oily throughout the day, so for me that’s my nose, cheekbones and glabella (the space between your eyebrows). I prefer to put some on before I apply a face moisturiser but you can put it on afterwards – whichever works best for you. It’s also very light and you definitely won’t feel it on your skin, the smell is pleasant but pretty much disappears after you apply a moisturiser. Oh and a pea-size amount each time is enough to do job.


4. Resistance Loop Bands – Heavy 

In my last post I mentioned i’d been going to the gym more frequently, as of late because of the way my schedule works out, I’ve found it more useful to do a couple of workouts at home. You can of course take this to the gym with you but when I don’t have heavier weights available at home, this with the addition of lighter weights I do have access to has been a great combination where i’m still able to feel a good burn during and after a workout. I typically use this band for ab and glute exercises, most of which I picked up after watching a few YouTube videos and fitness websites – I recommend you do the same, just so your workouts don’t become repetitive. In terms of durability, I’ve had it for just over three weeks and been using it a couple of times a week and so far so good. I’ll update if anything changes. You can get bands in different sizes: Light, Medium, Heavy or X-Heavy depending on what level you’re at.


I’ll be back with July favourites next month!!



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